... encompasses the spectrum of all organs and regulatory circuits of the human body.

The focus at Praxis Carré Schaumburg practice is on the holistic view of the human body. This includes prevention, treatment and aftercare of internal diseases.

Here we give you an overview of our services:

Innere Medizin in der Praxis Carré Schaumburg


Rheumatology is a branch of internal medicine and deals with chronic inflammatory and degenerative disorders in the human body.

Rheumatic complaints usually first appear in the joints, muscles, tendons or skin. Subsequently, however, internal organs such as the kidneys, heart and digestive tract can also be affected.

Our goal is to alleviate the symptoms with modern therapies and to achieve a significant improvement in the quality of life of our patients.

pain therapy

Persistent, untreated pain leads to a chronification of the complaints. Patients are often labelled as "pain patients". In most cases, they have gone through a lengthy diagnostic and therapeutic ordeal.

Especially then, it is important to treat them with a broad therapeutic spectrum - i.e., multimodally - using both conventional and complementary medicine.

For our specialist in internal medicine , interdisciplinary exchange with other specialist groups is of particular importance. New therapeutic approaches (e.g., with CBD) often show great effects, especially in patients with chronic pain.

In addition to professional, medical care, it is also important to support our patients in other ways. Here, the Pain Association offers a network under the motto "Together we are stronger! This network stands up for pain patients and their concerns.


Bones are the basic structure of our body.

With age or prolonged disease, bone reduces its ability to regenerate continuously. It becomes more porous and less elastic.

Early detection and proper treatment of the onset of Osteoporosis or a predisposition to it is essential. In this way, preventive measures or corresponding therapy concepts can be created in good time. These can also lead to a noticeable improvement of the symptoms.

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