Our focus is on your health and this starts with you. Our top-team of doctors supports you in this.
Our physicians by Praxis Carré Schaumburg offer a comprehensive range of preventive measures for medical specialities of gynaecology and obstetrics as well as Internal Medicine . In this way, we can guarantee holistic medical care.

Vor- und Nachsorge in der Praxis Carré Schaumburg

Gynaecology (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Gynaecological preventive and check-up examinations include the following areas:

gynaecological check-up

The gynaecological check-up is an important measure. It is recommended at least once a year.

Regular gynaecological examinations are particularly important in connection with the early detection of breast cancer and cervical cancer . They improve the individual treatment options and the chances of a complete cure.

reproductive health care - fertility assessment

Determination of the current fertility status and detailed consultation on the resulting family planning

contraception / family planning

Individual choice of contraceptionaccording to your personal circumstances and your weighing of advantages and disadvantages

Mutterkindpass (MuKi-Pass) examinations

Accompaniment through all necessary check-up appointments and care during and after birth

Prenatal diagnostics

Early detection and exclusion of possible diseases or malformations of your unborn child

breast cancer screening

Palpation of the breast in the doctor's office and self-examination of the breast at home: the breast tissue as well as the area of the armpits and collarbones are precisely palpated for lumps, indurations and other abnormalities.

Since the risk of cancer generally increases with age, mammography is of crucial importance for women over the age of 40 - precare .

cervical cancer screening

Early detection of possible cell changes through the cancer smear (PAP smear) to detect early stages of cervical cancer.

The PAP smear is a painless examination. Cells are taken from the surface of the cervix and from the cervical canal and sent to the laboratory for further testing.

With the help of the PAP smear, any cell changes can be identified in time, so that precancerous stages of cervical cancer can be detected.

HPV vaccination

Protection against the development of HPV-related cancers and genital warts. In Austria, one active ingredient is licensed, including a 9-fold vaccine (Gardasil), which immunises against the most common HPVtypes 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33 45, 52 and 58.

If the vaccination is given at a time when there is no infection, it offers reliable protection against the respective HPVstrains.

It is recommended that even vaccinated women have a cancer smear test once a year so that any precancerous lesions can be detected in time.

Internal Medicine

pain therapy

Great effect of new therapy approaches especially for patients with chronic pain


Recognising and counteracting bone loss


Medical aftercare includes, among other things, the care of our patients after:

- surgical interventions

- childbirth

both natural and caesarean section and

- chemotherapeutic treatments

- pain therapy

In the sense of a holistic view of the human body, pain therapy in particular makes a significant contribution to aftercare in internal medicine.

Our physicians by Praxis Carré Schaumburg take their time and plan the next steps, which is part of the holistic care of our patients.

The goal is the complete recovery or a significant improvement in the quality of life of our patients.

Your aftercare will then again - through regular check-ups - become your individual precare.